Dog Training & Behaviour

Its not easy being a dog guardian but I am here to help. 

My programmes are designed to provide you with long lasting results through science based training and a high level of support from me, however they do also require a high level of commitment from you too. 

Whilst there will be some wins we see quickly, there are no quick fixes, especially when we are working on behaviours that are led by emotions such as fear. 

I am here to support you every step of the way.

Are you ready to help your dog switch on their listening ears? Or build their confidence? 

Check out my programmes below.

Dog Training Programmes

Helping You Build a Great Relationship with Your Dog

Does your dog jump up at you or when they meet people? Fed up of being pulled along on walks? Would you like your dog to come to you when called? These are all things that I can help with, through reward based training, fun games and personalised training plan for you and your dog. I will be there to support you all should you need it between training sessions.

Your Consultation £120

Fact finding session where we discuss everything from your dogs history, their routine to what they eat. Then the behaviour you would like help with, this includes seeing it for myself. For example if its walking on the lead you want to work on, we would go for a walk together. This is how I create a personalised trainng plan for us all to work through together.


Your Dog Training Programme

Each training programme is bespoke to you and your dog, because every dog is different, but here is an example of what you can expect when you sign up:

  • Weekly 1:1 Training Sessions

  • Access to online training resources

  • Ongoing support via email or Whatsapp

  • Training video feedback

Four weeks, all of this training and support for £200.


During our discovery call and consultation we can discuss the best plan for you and your dog. 

Behaviour Programmes

Helping You and Your Dog Through a Tough Time

Are walks a nightmare for you? Does your dog bark and lunge on the lead? Is your dog worried about meeting new people or dogs? Does your dog destroy the house when they are left home alone?


If you would like to enjoy walks again, or would like a dog that is happy and relaxed both out and about and at home, then its time to call or email to schedule your free discovery call.

After we have had a chat on the phone we can book your consultation.

It is important to remember that your dog is not a bad dog, and you are not a bad guardian.

Your dog is struggling with certain situations or fears and anxieties. Their behaviours are a way of communicating this with us, or a way to cope with the way they feel.


Your Consultation - £175

During this session we will discuss in depth your dog and the behavioural issues you would like help with. It is also important that I can see the behaviours myself, so this session may involve going for a walk or seeing how your dog reacts when you leave the house.


Once I have all this information I can create a training and behaviour modification plan for us to work through together. A lot of these issues are based on emotions for your dog, so through reward based training and confidence building exercises we can change how they feel about their anxiety triggers.


Your Behavioural Plan

Behaviour modification can be a tough journey, but together we can put management plans in place, build confidence, and support your dog. Each dogs journey is different, and their plan will be tailored specifically to their needs, but here is an example of what you can expect when you sign up:

  • Weekly 1:1 Training Sessions

  • Access to online training resources

  • Ongoing support via email or Whatsapp

  • Training video feedback

  • Private field hire where we can train safely

Four weeks, all of this training, access to resources and support for £300.  

We can discuss the best plan for your dog during the discovery call and consultation.

If you are interested and ready to commit to the programmes please complete the form below. To ensure that I can offer the best support possible I only take on a small number of clients at a time, so you may be added to a waiting list. I will notify you of whether this is the case when I respond to your contact form. Please add me to your contacts so that my emails do not find their way to the junk folder:
Dog Training & Behaviour Programme Application

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"The strongest relationships between dogs and humans are based on cooperation and kindness."

Victoria Stilwell