Welcome to TRDT Puppy School!

Helping You Give Your Puppy The Best Start

By teaching you essential life skills training for your puppy, and showing you how to socialise them correctly, I can help you create a great foundation of training and build confidence their while they are young. This will set you all up for success as they grow.

Puppy Classes - coming soon

Pre Puppy Consultation

Are your prepared for your new arrival? 

Do you have lots of questions?

Where will puppy sleep?

What will puppy eat?

How much sleep should they get?

How do I introduce puppy to children and other pets?

During this consultation we can discuss all these questions and more, to ensure that you are confident and ready for your pups arrival, and to help give them the best start we can.


Puppy Programme

Weekly 1:1 training sessions

Puppy Training eBook & access to TRDT Good Dog Guardian eLibrary

Access to private Facebook group where you can find lots of useful information and support from myself and other puppy owners. 

After each session I will email you with what we have covered, what to work on and answers to any questions asked. 


You can send me vidoes of your training sessions for feedback too!



Fun classes to help teach your pup the skills to set them off to a great start!

This 5 week course covers everything you need to know to set you and your pup up for success.

Includes: Socialisation, Social Skills, Loose Lead Walking, Recall and more.

* FREE access to the the online puppy programme to support your learning!



Teach Your Puppy The Skills They Need to Succeed! 

All training starts at home. 

Let me guide you through the early stages of your puppy's development, to help them grow up to be confident adults.

This course consists of video tutorials, lectures and an eBook to support all learning styles. 

There is a suggested training plan but you can go through the lessons at your own pace, in whichever order you choose. 


Puppy Socialisation

Socialisation isn't just about meeting other people and dogs, it is also about sounds, textures and experiences.


During these sessions I will take your pup out to explore the world around them, creating positive experiences, to help build their confidence.

£35 30min session

£40 45 min session

Here are just some of TRDT Puppy Programme Graduates!